Author Topic: C# vs C++ for Addon Creation  (Read 333 times)


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Hello, I would like to write an addon for MusicBee.

However, I'm rusty on C# (which is the only .NET) language I know.. so I would rather not use it as it would take time for me to get back into the "swing of things".

I am good at C++ (I use Visual Studio 2022 / MSVC)

So my question is, is it ok to use C++? or would it be easier to use C#?


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The C++ interface should work but is very limited, so just have a look at the functions it has available and see if it meets your needs.
The C# interface has a lot more functionality


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I just want to create an addon that will loop through the tracks of the selected album, grab the contents of a few specific tags and then write out a text file using those tags (with a few stats derived from the tags)

this should be pretty simple in C# , right? I mean the part about being to loop through all tracks of a selected album (or album of of selected track).. and grab the tags ?


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If the C++ interface supports Library_QueryFilesEx(string query, out string[] files), then you should be able to do what you wanna achieve.

To get the selected file(s):
string[] files;
Library_QueryFilesEx("domain=SelectedFiles", files)

To be used in conjunction with the above to get the remaining album tracks:
construct an auto-playlist with the criteria you want and then copy the xml in the .autopf file to use as the query parameter
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