Author Topic: Unconventional solution for NAS based file sync  (Read 489 times)


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So, i build this during the last few days because i wanted a solution to wirelessly sync my playlists with my Android 14 Pixel phone. The Wifi app does not realiably work for me annd i had an actual shower idea of a solution that might work for me.

My music is stored on my NAS and i consume it mostly through smart playlists, so they are connstanntly channging. Also when i am at my pc i often forget to sync my phone manually so i was looking for a solution that leverages the fact that my NAS is always on and has the music anyways.

so i created a python script wrapped in a docker container that reads the static exports of my playlists and creates a new folder with all tracks contained in those playlists. These are hard linked not copied to save space onn my drive and make the process quite quick.

This new folder can then be synced continiusly to my phone via syncthing.

i am not a programmer, i do videos, UI/ UX Design and a bit of web design, so all of the code for this comes from google bard and chatGPT 3.5
it's a bit of a mess i would think and if someone wants to take this as an inspiration to make something more usefull the licence should permit it.

Code is on github:
and the image on Dockerhub:

Would be quite interested in some feedback and as i said, help in making this a bit more usefull/ polished.

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This is probably the most interesting "take matters into your own hands" scenario I've come across on the MusicBee forums. Lol

Have you, however, considered setting up a music server to perform this same function? I'm not too satisfied with this solution, but Navidrome is able to read my exported playlists and I use the app Synfonium to play them when I'm not at a computer.


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Yeah, not the most clever solution I know ;)

Also right after I got it working I realised that I can just setup a folder on my nas as a virtual device and use the native sync function….so yeah, this is already obsolete ….

I looked into navidrome before I settled on musicbee, maybe that would also be a good solution for me now everything is set up here…. Thanks for the tip