Author Topic: An option to always sort entries with an empty tag to the bottom of the lists  (Read 2560 times)


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Hi Acoustics,

This is something you can work out yourself with virtual tags.
Idk how many years ago Steven introduced them, but they were surely a game changer - there's almost always a virtual tag solution to most MusicBee problems.

Try out this formula for instance (copy it as it is bcoz there's a zero-width character in there that we cannot see).


This is kinda the workaround i used.
I wanted to get rid of the unsightly appearance of [Unknown] and instead having an empty space.
I know it's not the issue raised here, but for informational purposes, here is what it looks like.

The first lines (those with big numbers) are the [Unknown] values, but "masked".
Just use the same virtual tag formula as Mayibongwe, but with an empty value:

$IsNull(<Album>," ",​<Album>)