Author Topic: New Default "Sort By" Options in the Main Panel  (Read 304 times)


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Okay so
I see a lot of pple that uses musicbee and ask me abt how i organized the albums in my panel bc they complain so much that their organization its always alphabetical, and it could be more easier for those pple that doesnt know abt custom sorting or even virtual tags at all to have a new brand of default options to choose

I propose new default options in "Sort by" that can be an organization by

* Album PlayCount
* AlbumArtist Playcount
* Last Played / Last Modified

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I think Last Played would be a reasonable one to add.
I do also think the default Sort By... tags could maybe use a revisit after all these years.
In order to not make it unwieldly to look through, maybe some of the tags could be combined in the further groups.

Album Artist -> Album Artist / Album, Album Artist / Year / Album, Album Artist / Original Year / Album
Year -> Year, Year / Album, Original Year, Original Year / Album


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I'm sorry ChilaChill,  -1 from me.
I doubt it is something many users would benefit from or use, and it is already very easy to accomplish by setting up some custom sorts.