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I've been using MusicBee for a couple of years now, and it is by far the best media player I've ever used. I love it.

This is a goofy suggestion, but it'd be really cool/fun if there were some sort of music guessing game built into the media player. Something like the game that is/was on iPods or the one that comes with Jaangle.

It's a great tool for learning the names of your tracks, and it's a lot of fun. Thoughts?


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sounds like a good canidate to be done by someone as a plugin


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Yeah, why not. In the happy IRC-days a couple of years ago, this was standard in many mp3 dl-#channels. :)


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A decade too late, but here's something similar:
The source code to any of my contributions is available on the same download link as the add-ons


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MusicBee is fantastic! Adding a music guessing game like those on iPods or Jaangle could indeed be fun and educational. It's a creative idea that enhances user engagement.
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