Author Topic: Setting to ungroup number of playcounts displayed on the "History" tab  (Read 236 times)


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This is something simple that has plagued me for as long as I've been using Musicbee, +7 years or so.

Probably 10 or so months ago I enquired the internet for a solution to this. All I got was some obscure question on reddit with like 2-3 answers mentioning this Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools plugin that appeared to solve this. The reply of interest contains some long paragraph explaining how to break down playcounts individually instead of all being grouped by default.

Which even then is stated not to be explained anywhere or very clear what you're supposed to do. However, the redditor declares it works for them. I saved the convoluted explanation then looked for the plugin, tried to install it but that thing is just impossible to get to even launch. I get like two different errors citing duplicate tags or something.

That in reality, most of them, if not all are simply the same native tags musicbee offers just that renamed to something else which is what originates this conflict. I wasted time reading the endless, nameless forum thread on this plugin just to still see it not working. I am not the only one facing this frustration.

Beyond frustrated I dropped this matter for the next 9 months. Then recently I tried getting this thing to work again because I really want to see the playcounts not grouped like this. Still unusable to me, then if I ever get it to work, then I must figure out the convoluted instructions provided on reddit.

Plugin's not been updated to correct this. Can this be done natively on Musicbee, please?

Some setting to expand/collapse grouped playcounts and see each timestap for each playcount would deliver some rest. Gain some sanity back.


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If I understand the issue correctly, you want to see each individual play.  This is not possible in MB.  MB only tracks the most recent play and the total play count.  

You will need to use something like to do this.  Unfortunately, it isn't retroactive.  Your history would only start once you begin using it.

EDIT: I see you already use, so you'll just want to view your history there.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue there seemed to be a lot of superfluous information about plugins and reddit included.
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