Author Topic: How to save a Artist and Album (a single instance for each) from the MB library?  (Read 204 times)


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I want to create a text file with a list of all my albums in my MB library that just shows Artist and Album, once for each album. I tried the method below and this creates a huge list that repeats the Artist/Album for each track, that is not what I want.

to export to Excel, you can choose the fields you want to export by going to
Edit > Preferences > Tags (2) > tag handling > 'send to clipboard' tags

Then select the tracks you want to export, right-click > send to > clipboard and  paste into a text editor and import into Excel.

Screenshot here:


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In this field, which is circled in red, you only write:

<Artist> <Album>
An album is only an album because you say it's an album.  In MB, it's just a list of files that share some common tags.

To get the result you want, you will need to do some collation on the output in your spreadsheet program of choice.  Split each filed by the delimiter " - " that you've already put in your template.

Here's how to do it in Libre Office:

You'll want to us "Album Artist" as you already are assuming your files are tagged with proper album artists.
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I'm not sure if I understand you correctly... but that's how I have it made:
From MB I'm exporting from view Tracks
Artist A – Album 1 – Track 1
Artist A – Album 1 – Track 2
Artist A – Album 1 – Track 3
Artist A – Album 2 – Track 1
Artist A – Album 2 – Track 2
Artist A – Album 2 – Track 3

Of course, I don't export the Title field, but I get a lot duplicate entries in Excel. Only clicks Data -  Remove Duplicates and I get this one:

Artist A – Album 1
Artist A – Album 2