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Hi All

I'm having some issues playing certain tracks on other systems such as Echo Dot and Sonos. I've tried everything. The pattern of tracks that won't play have no ENCODER information. This info can be seen in the Properties window. See images attached. For some reason this field is not allowed to be Edited.

Does anyone know is there a backdoor route which I could use to edit this field to see if this fixes the Play issue.
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Thank you
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MP3 tag has the ability to edit the encoder tag if it's present. Doesn't seem to be able to add one if it's not.

But I'm going to guess that there's some other problem with how these files are encoded and that the lack of an encoder tag is the symptom of why they're not playing in other players rather than the cause.

The encoder tag is normally written by the program doing the encoding.

You don't say what format these files are. Some seem to be mp3.  There are many tools you can find using a google search to scan mp3 files for problems even fix them.
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