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iTunes keep freezing on this new update they have and I cannot add songs to my library because of the freezing up. I use an extremal hard drive because I have a shit ton of music and create playlists for Car Play through the music app on my iPhone 15, I know Apple is phasing out iTunes and I believed this new version is not compatible with the computer.  So I downloaded music bee last night and will be adding my music to it very soon. I know I can create playlists and add songs to my iPhone from music bee. Where do they get stored? Is it through my music on my phone? I don't subscribe to apple music but my music from iTunes gets stored there. Or do I have to run my playlists through Music Bee because that is where the music will be stored on my phone? I just wanted to know for Car Play purposes, can the music on Music Bee playlist play through my music on my iPhone or do i have to use a Music Bee app like I use with Pandora, Sirius, and TuneIn Radio? Thanks

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There are numerous threads on the forum from users attempting to use their iPhone with MusicBee.
I'm not sure many people have had the success they're looking for.
You should read some of the other topics on the forum and then either respond to one that may be applicable to you, or reference them in this thread for further assistance.