Author Topic: Physical separation of "Queue Next" and "Play Now" in Files right-click menu  (Read 345 times)


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(Minor, low priority usability request)

I like to queue up ad-hoc music playlists by going down my list of tracks in the Main panel and right-clicking on ones I want, selecting "Queue Next".
This works brilliantly.

Except that every so often my mouse pointer will wander and I'll accidentally click on "Play Now" - which erases the queue I might have spent minutes building :)

I can't think of a "fix" for this, other than to physically separate the two options, perhaps with a menu divider, so that they're not adjacent.
Or alternatively, if "Play Now" is selected, add it to the front of the play queue, rather than replacing the play queue?

Yes, I could use the keyboard shortcuts - Alt+Enter, Ctrl+Shift+Enter - but this means constantly moving my hands from mouse to keyboard and back again and isn't ergonomically efficient.



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You could replace those two shortcuts by shorter ones (one-key),
so as to be able to press the hotkey with one hand while moving the mouse with the other hand.

As for me, I use NumPlus and NumMinus to add the selected track to the queue (queue last vs. queue next).
If you don't have a separate numerical pad, function keys could do the trick: F1, F3, F4, F6, F7, F8, F9, F12 are available on a fresh install.
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You might also consider using a double-click to queue the tracks. Configure the double click action in Preferences > Now Playing:


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...I'll accidentally click on "Play Now" - which erases the queue I might have spent minutes building :)
Nothing you can do about the fact you're now playing a song you only wanted to queue, but you can at least get your old queue back with Edit > Undo > Playing Tracks List: Reset List.
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All great suggestions! Thank you all. I have at least 3 ways now to work around the issue, minor as it is.

Did I remembe to thank Steven for Musicbee? I don't think I did. So - thank you!