Author Topic: Sending Music to the memory card on Samsung S9 device  (Read 1701 times)


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I am trying to transfer music to the memory card on my Samsung S9 phone.  It has 2 drives.  One called "Phone" and another called "Card".  The Phone drive maps to the onboard memory on the phone and the Card drive maps to the memory card that's inserted into the phone.  I have connected the phone and created a device called "SM-G960U".  I have made the settings point to the Card drive and deleted all other SM-G960U drives.  When I reconnect the phone to the computer it shows up with a new drive pointing to the Phone drive.  When I select what I want to transfer to the phone and do a right click anjd "send to" it is pointing to 2nd one that is the phone drive.  I don't see a way to override this so the files end up on the card drive and not the phone drive.


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On your 2nd screenshot, can you click the down-arrow next to SM-G960U\Phone and select SM-G960U\Card? So both those entries point to the card?
Yes, it's annoying the same device can turn up twice in the device list.