Author Topic: Add support for playing multi-channel tracks (channels downmix)  (Read 127 times)


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Following my help request in another forum section, for which I was hinted to add one item to the wishlist, I'd like to ask to add the proper support of multi-channels tracks to MB.

As explained, MusicBee has no issue in cataloging multi-channel tracks: they are correctly shown, tagged, and probably decoded. Unfortunately, playing them is a completely different matter: the multiple channels are not mixdown properly when the loudspeakers setup has a number of channels different from the tracks being played. MusicBee either fails to send the proper channel(s) to the audio driver, or its downmix logic is flawed, because all I get is the absence of certain channels in the soundscape. Needless to say, any other "competitor" does the right thing, but I love MB and would like to stick with it.