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Hi everyone!
I wanted to ask a few questions about lyrics:
1) I tried to use the search internet feature, but it can't find any lyric. Do I have to install a plugin?
2) If yes, which one should I use? Isaw this 3 in the add-ons page:
which one do you suggest? Do I have to have a musicxmatch account or something like that?


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I would recommend you install all three of them.  Read the installation instructions carefully, especially for Beenius and Museexmatch.  While both those sources (Genius and Musixmatch) are also present in LyricsReloaded, these use API-based access and are much less subject to website changes.  No, you don't need any special accounts.

After installing the plugins, you'll need to go through the activation/slection process for the sources in MusicBee's Preferences/Tags (2)/auto-tagging/lyrics section.  Be sure "auto-retrieve missing lyrics.." is checked, but don't check "and save without prompt" if you want to make your own decisions on what is saved and where.  Press the "..." button to the right of the lyrics source field to select and assign searching order.  BTW, the lyrics will be shown from radio streams also if they are present in the metadata and can be found in the search sources.