Author Topic: Menu button at top- direct to VIEW settings?  (Read 532 times)


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Hi- Is there a way to put a direct button at the top menu bar to click to go straight to the view setting I prefer like 'Mini Player' or 'Compact Player'? Currently to change from the regular layout to a 'mini player' I need to go to the drop-down/view and then select the mini player option.

Thanks- David


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Welcome to the forum mrlargent,

There isn't exactly a one (mouse) click solution for you.
But you can configure a shortcut/hotkey which would suffice I think.
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🤔 Of course there are solutions.

You can configure the toolbar by right-clicking the arrange panels icon or by navigating to Preferences > Layout (1) > Header bar > command buttons.
Then you decide where you want these (text) buttons to be displayed, either caption bar or tabs bar.

You can also open the mini player by double-clicking the album cover or an empty area within the main player controls panel.