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Hi, I am a senior with limited computer skills. I am not sure how I would create a library with Musicbee. I do currently have an iTunes library but would love to try something new. Would I be able to easily import my iTunes library to Musicbee then add to it as I go along? Is this something that would be worthwhile for me? If so are there basic instructions to do so. Any help would be much appreciated. TIA


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The site above talks about doing exactly what you're looking to do.

When you first install MB, you will be prompted to create a library.  If you've already done this (created a blank library), you can import your existing iTunes library into it by going to File->Library->Import->Import from iTunes

If you haven't created a library, you will go to File->Library->Create New Library and create the library (the library is just the set of folders and files that holds information about your music files), then  File->Library->Import->Import from iTunes once your library is created.
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