Author Topic: Auto organize non-music files  (Read 935 times)


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Some albums that I want to organize automatically have cover.jpg or booklet.pdf files that are not moved but remain in their old location. I don't feel like moving the files manually to the new folder. Is there a way to automate this. Activating "Also move remaining non-music files" didn't work.


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Hi ZajTxGQTSw and welcome to the forum,

The option 'also move remaining non-media files' in the Organise Library Files window (Preferences > Library > Organisation button) is the correct option to enable this. It is working as expected for me right now.
Did you enable this option before 'organising' the files?
Is it working for you now with this option enabled? Maybe test by renaming an album that has non-media files in its folder and checking they are moved with the music files (and change the album name back again after).

I don't believe there is any other setting that affects this.