Author Topic: Two Way Sync Is Greyed Out  (Read 2740 times)


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Two way sync is greyed out. I use wired sync. Haven't been able to get wifi sync to work. Not opposed to using it. Just can't get it to locate my phone. Did everything I've been told. Turned off firewall, musicbee is running, wifi sync is turned on, vpns are turned off. No luck. Anyways not my point. Is there anyway to do a two way wired sync? If not is this something that can be added? Would it be difficult? Willing to pay $$ for it to be added. I really just want it so I can view play counts.


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Mostly answering to also stay up to date with this.

The two way sync option is also greyed out for me, and i can not use the wifi sync since i am on Android 14 :(
Would be great if the root folder error got fixed.


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You need to download one of the APK other users have compiled in the following thread

You will need to enable installing apps outside of the play store.

I'm on android 14 and it works for me. Well the sync part works. I can't confirm if the reverse sync works because you need the paid version of gonemad or poweramp to extract play counts from them. I'm fairly confident they will work as the main issue since android 12 is due to storage permission changes, nothing that should effect how the data is extracted from those 2 apps. My partner uses the app and reverse sync works with gonemad on android 12.

Usual disclaimer about installing things from strangers on the internet....