Author Topic: "Char" as an option / alternative to icons in the Highlight Rules Editor  (Read 190 times)


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Description: Using icons to highlight rules on album covers or even in the main and side panels is great; it gives you freedom, and it works perfectly. But what happens when we use an icon on the Artwork Expended Panel View with the auto-pick colors panel enabled? Let's take a look at these examples:

(I used real album artwork instead of a single block of color to show the issue as realistically as possible.)

As we can see in the screenshots, even using high-contrast colors like red, black, white, or gray doesn't guarantee that the icon will be easily visible in all cases. This happens because album artworks can contain any color, so picking a fixed colored icon in this case will not solve this issue.

My suggestion is to have the possibility of using a character as an alternative to icons in the Highlight Rules Editor.

You see, Musicbee already has the ability to understand when an album artwork is bright or dark (although I don't know exactly how the code works), and it automatically adapts the contents of the Expended Panel based on the brightness of the background. When the background is bright, the texts are black, and vice versa.

So by using a character as a highlighter, not only will it behave like the rest of the contents in the panel, but it will also be placed at the same positions that an icon would be. Let's see how this could work:

(An extra space called 'char' with an input field, with '🅴' as an example + a button that opens the font editor.)

(Expended Panel View with the auto-pick colors panel enabled; the highlight 'char' auto-adapts and matches other contents.)

Final notes: My idea is to implement a 'char' system instead of applying this rule to the existent icons because, in my head, it would be easier since Musicbee already does this to string values.

If you guys think this could be a cool feature, leave a '+1' and comment on what you think about it. As we all know, Steven is a solo developer who has a life outside of this project, so this feature may or may not be implemented on the software.
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This would be nice to have.
But what also comes to mind:

Another possibility for an improvement on this could be if the icons would have the same option as the icons for the taskbar have: 'adjust icon colouring to match the selected skin'.

(note that it needs icons that use transparency to work well)