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Hi Admins,
I am new to the group. I have been using MusicBee for a few months now. I have almost completed the addition of over a thousand CDs. I am very impressed by how well the software functions. Kudos to the developers. I would like to suggest a few improvements.

1. When you enter the Publisher field in the Rip dialog, it is not updated in the database. This requires me to do another pass over the ripped files. Not a huge problem, but would be nice to have.

2. When I use the work/movement/name (which is really nifty for classical music), I find that the track name used in the main window is constructed from the information in work/movement/mae instead of just using the track title. I sometimes have the following situation, a single movement is broken up into multiple tracks (e.g. for "theme and variations", the theme is the first track and then the variations each take a subsequent track). In the track title for each track I mark the number as IIa, IIb, IIc, etc., unfortunately this is undone by the reconstruction of the title in the main window.

3. Sometimes, due to various reasons an external CD drive does not register a disc. Musicbee has no timeout mechanism, so it hangs. I have discovered that if I simply disconnect the external drive, Musicbee will come back to life. So not a huge problem, and certainly one that I can live with.

4. When the value of a field is changed in the edit dialog box, it is not saved when a new track is selected, unless it is marked in red. To get it into that red state an extra mouse click in the dialog box is required. Not a huge problem now that I am familiar with it, but you might want to see if there is a better way.

Thanks for a wonderful experience.



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Welcome to the forum Sudhir.Kadkade

It would be good if you would split up the things you are raising.
     - Anything that is a request or a suggestion should go into the Wishlist board. 
       (it's best to create separate topics for each of them) 
     - Things that are a verifiable software bug that other users can replicate should go into this Bugs board.