Author Topic: Column Browser: virtual tag "Musician Credits" incomplete  (Read 1567 times)


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Hi Steven,

I presume the following behaviour is not intended in the Column Browser:
after using the Multiple Artist Splitter on an .mp3, virtual tag Musician Credits is available,
but it shows only the last artist present in TMCL (2.4) or IPLS (2.3).

MB v3.5.8631.34314 (latest patch).

Test file available in this cloud folder,
with the following tags entered through the Multiple Artist Splitter:

display artist
Sonny & Cher

Artists In text mode:
Sonny Bono: Artist
Cher: Artist
MyTestPerformer23: Performer
Jennifer Kae: Guest Artist
MyTestRemixer23: Remixer
Mike Rubini: piano
Al Pellegrini: conductor
Dean Parker: guitar
Matt Betton: drums
Bert Fanette: organ
David Hungate: bass guitar
Dahrell Norris: percussion

Single value shown in the column browser under "Musician Credits":
Dahrell Norris
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I'm not sure what's going on with this Musician Credits tag, but something seems wrong indeed.
(I've never used it, I use Instruments: Performers)

I just checked it in the Column Browser, and all I got was a long list of [Unknown].
While Instruments: Performers shows a long and correct list of musicians.
Maybe in my case that's related to me tagging my files using Picard with some custom scripts, but it still seems odd.

It's also not available for virtual formulas, the track information panel, or as a column for the main panel's Tracks view.


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Musician Credits is also not available in Thumbnail Browser.
I think it could be a leftover from pre-MB3 days, before the introduction and refinement of the Multiple Artist splitter.
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Looking at the code, it wasnt intentional that Musician Credits be one of the fields in the column browser.
Unfortunately I dont recall the history but it looks like its a deprecated field

for the next patch update, i have removed it as an option in the column browser fields
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