Author Topic: Support for Windows 11 Taskbar Including Labels  (Read 578 times)


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Windows 11 version 23H2 is currently in the Beta channel and the taskbar will finally include support for running-app indicators that include the app icon AND a label next to the icon. (In other words, you can finally make your Windows 11 taskbar look more like Windows 10 and 7.) As I have a machine in the beta I wanted to know how Musibee with the Taskbar Progress plugin would fare given the W11 taskbar is completely new code from Microsoft.

And it almost works. Progress is displayed, but only across the width of the icon, not the complete width of the taskbar label. In the picture attached below, the track is a moment away from finished and the progress indicator is only as far as the right edge of the icon.

Could Musicbee support track-progress indication natively in Windows 11's taskbar?  (Or if the developer of the original plugin ends up reading this, could you see about supporting full-width progress somehow in Windows 11?)