Author Topic: Thumbnail browser to load data from the (Library Statistics)  (Read 676 times)


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*(2)  First, I want to remind you that the focus is on the homepage(Mail Painel), not palylists. I'm talking about the thumbnail browser of the main panel.
It is possible for the thumbnail browser to load data from the (Library Statistics), and use this data to show the most played albums for example.?!
(There's so much data out there unused)
*it is possible to load PLAY COUNT data in the thumbnail browser, to generate a sidebar with data on the most listened songs, albums or artists?!.

(Don't say virtual tags (Its ungly), Its terrible to use that. (only the cover in the mail painel it will be beautful)

Years ago I asked for the same thing, it's the first time I draw.
When we place the thumbnail browser on the main panel, PLAY COUNT does not appear as an option.
I appreciate anyone who can help and if the topic is in the wrong place, please let me know.

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+1 to availability of Library Statistics in fields

However, your request has very niche use cases and it's unlikely to be implemented - so Virtual Tags will be your best bet. They are not "terrible" to use; they are what makes MusicBee the best music management program in the world.