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This has been bugging me somewhat since I got MB. I came from mediamonkey and with that you can use your arrow keys to move the selection in art/track view from the song title (for example) to the artwork. This is very handy because once you have the cursor on the art you can use the down arrow to scroll down through albums, jumping from one to the next.

In mb you have to scroll through each song in an album before you can jump to the next one, which is a bit long winded.

The mediamonkey way has the added advantage that the when the cursor is on the album art you can hit enter and it plays the album. At the moment in mb, unless you hold shift down and select all the tracks, you can't play a whole album just by using the keyboard (unless there's a shortcut or feature I haven't found yet).


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(I can't help it. I like every shortcut when using a program  :))


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Yes!! Would make library browsing a lot easier and faster!!


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