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Hi folks
               new to music bee here coming from foobar2k, I have recently tried out the VST holder and i would like to request the following...

- Support for x64 VST plugins
In this day and age, x86/32bit vst plugins are outdated. Without 64bit support we are loosing out on a lot of important plugins.
Can we kindly request the author of mb_VST.dll to add support for x64 ?

- UI window fitting
The UI window that opens up when loading a VST has lots of large space, causing the actual window to look small.
Can the window be made just to fit the actual VST size? This would provide a seamless experience with the nice UI of music bee.


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Most of the companies have long ditched the 32 bit plugins and as if that wasn't enough, the new trend in the industry is to ditch the VST2 as well with only VST3 and AAX being the only choices now. Now only if Avid goes out of business, entire industry will be finally united on one format i.e. 64bit VST3

As this request goes, it is indeed absolutely imperative to get this done given the trends in the music industry as noted above but alas! we only have one developer and he does this in his spare time, I don't have much hope of this request being implemented anytime soon if ever. AIMP, newest version has started supporting VST plugins natively (no need for any plugin or wrapper) and it comes in 64 bit so ut could host 64 bit plugins. MusicBee now asks for .Net 4.8 but doesn't have a 64 bit version is kinda strange, compatibility can't be an issue so what was it to elevate the requirement ? Maybe UI related enhancement. This week 2 other apps I use also added this .Net requirement so I had to scour the Internet and find the older version. Anyways, I suggest you find alternate ways to host VST plugins on your system route Musicbee output through them. I know it's hassle, it's headache but it's the only way forward unless this request gets answered. Also, get yourself VST3Shell, in the very near future (3 years max) VST2 will be memory holed.

Here's one more reason, to fix the plugin

A nasty memory leak.