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Even though MusicBee's internal function for finding album art is working very well, there can be reasons to use alternative methods.

Personally I am very fond of Album Art Downloader
But I stumbled upon a website that also seems to work very well.
It also allows for using query parameters, so I thought to put that to use and create custom weblinks for it.

Here are two weblink codes that you can paste in a Preferences > Internet > web-link field.
The first one is set to find only higher quality images of at least 1200 px. in size.
The second one is for more obscure albums that don't get found with the first one and also allows for lower resolutions.

Code<Album Artist>&album=<Album>&resolution=1200&sources=amazonmusic,deezer,gracenote,itunes,qubuz

Code<Album Artist>&album=<Album>&resolution=500&sources=amazonmusic,deezer,discogs,gracenote,itunes,musicbrainz,qubuz,soulseek
The website that the links lead to makes it easy to find out how to tweak things to your own preferences.


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Dumb question, but how do you then use the web links to find album art? I'm probably missing something obvious.


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After doing what hiccup describes, if you right-click in Track Information while the track is playing, you will see the link's name you gave it, and when selecting it a web search for that tracks cover art will be done using the parameters in the link.

You can do the same thing with a non-playing library entry by right clicking it in your track list, choosing Search->Open in Web Browser, and then choosing the name of the web link.


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I usually just go on line -Amazon, most often, find the album quickly enough and just do a copy and paste onto the album's edit window. Nothing automatic about it, but it takes seconds and has worked fine for years. I did that with two relatively-rare CDs I ripped yesterday.


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I usually…
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