Author Topic: Seperate Album titles in album collections  (Read 321 times)


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Hi everyone, Is there any way to have individual Album titles in an album collection? I dont want to split the collection up as to save space in my library but if i dont have the seperate album titles, its hard to see which pieces the tracks belong to. I attached a screenshot below of what i want it to look like.

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There is not a way to perform this action exactly as you have portrayed it, but you could use the Header location with a sub-heading to display a similar effect.


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Hi Sem, and welcome to the forum.

Are you aware of the sub-grouping header? It can be seen as a subtitle within an album.

Based on your only example (the CD set with works by Berlioz), I would suggest using tag WORK as subgrouping header, provided that WORK is populated in your audio files. But you can choose any tag as sub-grouping header, which can be specified in views Album and Album and Tracks of the main panel.

See examples of what you can achieve with the sub-grouping header in the links provided below,
which present more general solutions or other options you might consider:
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