Author Topic: Virtual Tag Syntax in Auto-Playlists  (Read 672 times)

The Incredible Boom Boom

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Hold the phone, everyone.
I believe this is a wish everyone using MusicBee will shower with +1s!

The ability to the use Virtual Tag syntax to create Auto-Playlists would be a downright amazing feature!

I glanced at the Config/theme show off thread a moment ago and saw the interesting tab (below) from @tragic kingdom's set up.

I'm not exactly sure what he/she means by "B-Day Release," but it got me to thinking about creating an Auto-Playlist of displaying albums/tracks on their anniversaries.
The formula is very simple:
$If($Right(<Original Year>,5)=$Date($Now(),MM-dd),T,)

The possibilities are endless.

Yes, I know I can use Virtual Tags to the same effect and this may be a greedy ask in light of @Steven providing us with more VTs, but if allowing the syntax to be used to make Auto-Playlists is a relatively uncomplicated implementation, I don't see the harm. What says the community?

Mr. Trev

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I could see some cool autoplaylists coming out of this.

Just speculating, but I think b-day release might be songs released on the user's birthday (there was a thread on stevehoffman forums where folks were posting the #1 hit on the day they were born - kinda interesting)


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yes, more number of virtual tags has been requested many times, but permanently increasing this number is not a solution. the better way is adding support for virtual tag formula syntax to more mb "places". Steven has already stated that he wants to this syntax to track info panel. maybe it's worth to add this to playlists too, and maybe to some other places.