Author Topic: $SSort(): Silent Sorting for virtual tags (sorting w/o moving prefixes)  (Read 3941 times)


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Virtualtag shown in the screenshot below <Composer-Album>: $Sort($If($RxReplace(<Album>,"(^.*?)(\:.*$)","$1")=$RxReplace(<Composer>,"(?:^.*\s)(.*$)","$1"),$RxReplace(<Album>,"(?:^.*?\:\s)(.*$)","$1"),<Album>))

Present Workaround: Have 2 virtualtags, one for display (w/o $Sort) and one for sorting (w/ $Sort).  The album featuring Gil Shaham below has "Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (OCO: Shaham)" as its <album>.

Rationale: For classical music in this instance, there are many albums whose <album> tags consist of "Composer (Last Name): Album title" due to the presence of multiple composers on a single album.  In a dedicated composer playlist presenting tracks by said composer only, I (or rather my OCD ;)) found the composer name prefixing the album title to be redundant, thus unnecessary.  The present workaround is fine, but it uses up two virtualtags instead of one if $SSort() was an option.

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I believe this solution can be solved with one Virtual Tag, but I'm having a little trouble understanding what you're attempting to accomplish.
It appears you are trying to sort by album title, but without the <Composer> present?