Author Topic: Read alternative format mp4 (m4a) multi tags, as used by Picard, Mutagen, mp3tag  (Read 1142 times)


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It would be helpful if MusicBee could read m4a multi-item tags written in the Picard, Mutagen, mp3tag format.
This could be by a "convert on read" operation to its own (Musicbee) multi-item tag format -- and could keep saving to its own (MusicBee) format.
(Or more ambitiously, could have an option to use and save to either format, musicbee or picard/mutagen, but I'm not requesting that much!)

More details here:

Thank you.


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While I don't care about apple stuff or apple formats, I did have some part in the background of this request, and it seems a valid improvement to MusicBee to me.

So +1
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