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Hi guys.

I run music bee in portable mode.   If I nuke my windows install in the future and reinstall, will music bee save my play count?  When I run music bee on the new windows install? 

Ie. does it save the play count in the music bee portal folder, or is that in the user data of windows?


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The play count is specific to MusicBee (MB does not know how many times a track has been read by other players).
It is thus stored in MB's folder tree (most probably in the main library file, MusicBeeLibrary.mbl), not outside it.
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In addition to the above: yes, portable mb will preserve *all* metadata on windows reinstallation as long as you keep all tracks, mb program folder, and mb library/library folder untouched.

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If you use, MusicBee can pull your number of plays from there.


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Can confirm play count, last played date, and date added are stored in your *.mbl library file.  If you copy your library folder over to the new install and then open this same *.mbl file in your new install all of your data will be in tact.

It's best if your music files are in the same folder locations on the new install, too.  If it's just a name change on the main folder or something uniform, you can get around this with some fiddling, but if you totally rearrange the files outside of MB the program will have a hard time matching your data to your files.

If you use, MusicBee can pull your number of plays from there.
This will work for date last played and play count regardless of file location.