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 I love the player (ver.3.5.8447), but would like to see Better Visualization Implementation for Win10 & above.

It has been a nightmare trying to get ANY visualizations to run correctly, or at all.

Also, the quality of the visualizations is poor at best.  :-\

Looking forward to future MusicBee's!




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Hi kingal73 - welcome to the forum!

I'm on your side.
For me I can say, I found a visualizer that has the power to replace almost all good but mostly ancient visualizers out there - it's the famous versatile MilkDrop app.

Just recently the user "milkdrop2077" released an updated branch of MilkDrop in version 3.0:

This version works standalone, but accessing the MB-API to get the waveform data.
A standalone visualizer may have disadvantages (e.g. no MB GUI integration) but imho the advantages are outwight:
- can be running in parallel to an MB integrated visualizer (like "Classic Spectrum Analyser")
- can be used with other media-players as well - especially when talking about MilkDrop v3 from milkdrop2077
- possibly makes MB or the visualizer itself running more stable, because of these are separate applications

All what's need to make you smile now is a huge collection of MilkDrop preset-scripts.
They can be found on several places, like:
... and on a lot others too, spread over the web.
Believe me, once you have a collection of 50'000 presets or so, you will smile for sure :)

There is also a professional implementation of MilkDrop called Nest-Drop, optimized for Live-Events:


I hope this answer can give everyone a light in the dark of visualizer support requests.

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Thank you KangNi!!!  :-*  :-*  :-*

MilkDrop 3.0 is excellent & runs beautifully on my potato 4th Gen i7.

Everybody should get it.... 8)

Now, if we could just get MB to find cover art work for 10cc!!!  ;D  ;D  ;D