Author Topic: Just to be sure about the portable version  (Read 177 times)


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So I am using MusicBee portable version and I have a hard drive strictly for my MusicBee library.

Just to be clear, as long all my audio tracks are on that hard drive, they will run fine right? Or do they have to be under the MusicBee\Library\Music folder?

What I would like to know is can I just have a folder called "Music" outside of the main MusicBee folder? As long as it's all on the same drive, it's fine right?

The reason why I am asking is because right now all my music is in the default MusicBee\Library\Music folder, but I really want to put it under a simple \Music folder, so that I have more space for files with a lot of characters/letters.


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What MusicBee (portable version or otherwise) calls its "Library" is just the database that stores the information about your music files. Your music can be in any folder on any drive.

MusicBee will just play it from wherever it was when you added it to the library/database.
(As long as you don't mess with the auto-organise options in the preferences)

This topic has been discussed many times before, so a forum search should provide more details.
Some of the confusion may come from people migrating from iTunes, which I believe does insist on music being a single, managed location.
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