Author Topic: Queue next error  (Read 353 times)


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Steps to reproduce the bug:

1) select music tab
* in left sidebar *
2) select upcoming tracks
3) play track in the playlist
4) right click the 1st track in the list  (currently  playing)
5) select queue next

expected behavior:
add only 1 track to the queue  8)

actual behavior:
add all the tracks from the begining of the playlist till the current track are added  :'(

for example if the order of the current track is the 10th in the playlist and you select queue next 10 tracks will be added to the queue


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i am not able to reproduce the issue but it might be worth sending me a link to your settings file (help/ support/ view settings)
Also your steps are not clear to me and contradictory eg. steps 1 and 3
for step 2 you are referring to the Playing Tracks panel?
Step 4, in the Playing Tracks panel?