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I would like a search and locate a radio station,
when the owner have changed their URLs.
instead of message that says" cannot locate web address"
This website can do


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Hi Flourgrader,

indeed that would be a nice feature. But to make it work, MB will be relied on have access to a database with all the radio station stream-sources out there. Keep in mind that these sources constantly keep changing due to many reasons.

To constantly keep this database / these stream-sources up to date, some folks need to constantly invest an effort into this.
I'm unsure if such community maintained global all-embracing databases with free public access exist and I also have my doubt they would be even legal.

At least there is a really cool website called ... ;)

(Streaming) Radio stations also need to monetize their services. Surprise: People need an income!
Therefore many stations offer their streams via platforms like e.g.

What I want to say is, it might be somehow more complicated than it seems to be.

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