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I think this is working as designed and so the issue fits on the wish list, but might be a bug of sorts:

I have Mini Player set to be "always on top" and it does exactly that!  The problem is that it is ruthless  :-\

If I am in Internet Explorer and hit F11 (Full screen view)  or a PowerPoint full screen show, the MB window persists on top.  Maximising it switches focus back to MB as would be expected.  

The Windows taskbar is also always on top but it becomes subservient to certain other full screen calls so it doesn't appear during a slideshow for example.  

Thus during a ppt Slideshow so my 'bottom screen locked' MB miniplayer is left floating a half inch of the screen base.  

Could MB be set to be second top to certain apps (maybe specified in Prefs?) and therefore not visible - as with taskbar?

Hope that makes sense

Sara  MB 3.5.8501 on Windows 11 22624.1690
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