Author Topic: Playlist Update Play Order with Search Removes Songs  (Read 184 times)


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I'm wondering if this is intended behavior or a bug. While looking at a playlist I conducted a search for a song. I then went to my inbox to add some songs to the playlist. Then I returned to the playlist and selected Update Play Order. I didn't notice I hadn't closed the search yet and that navigating away from the playlist didn't close the search. To my horror the playlist play order was updated with only the songs displayed by my search. All of the other songs were removed from the playlist.

I was able to rebuild the playlist from a copy on my phone and I'm learning the importance of backing up your playlists. However, this experience does raise some questions. Is what I experience intended behavior of the search and update play order tools? Is there a way to have a quick undo for playlist file changes? I don't think there is anything for this in Musicbee, but is there some tool in Windows that I could use? What are some tips/tricks I could use to avoid this in the future?


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Testing it out on a static playlist this side, I can confirm the behaviour described above.
It does look to be unwanted/undesirable behaviour (especially for people who've spent quite some time putting their playlists together).
What do others think?

To answer your questions Jamwes:
Unless a user had backups of their playlists, I don't think there'd be a way to recover/undo unwanted changes to a playlist.
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The next version of MB will not allow the playlist order to be updated while a filter is active