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Hello all,

One of my friends really liked this compilation:

So I remade it as a playlist in Musicbee, I even sourced the same image and changed the background colour.
Now the question I have is: can I somehow set up Theater Mode or another fullscreen mode to show the image and background colour?
Currently it shows the song that plays with the corresponding album cover, and that is not what I am looking for.

Any ideas?

Thank you for the help!


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Welcome to the forum SeventhBus

I'm currently seriously enjoying the first part of that link, so thanks for that.

If I separate 'image' from 'background':

Assuming that you mean 'albumart' when you mention 'image', it shouldn't be difficult to have all these tracks displaying that same mage.
You could e.g.:
Embed the same image into the files.
Place all files into the same folder, tag all the songs with the same 'album' and 'album artist', and add some cover.jpg to that folder
This will all depend on you have setup: Tags (1) > artwork
I'm sure there are other solutions and more useful explanations, which shouldn't be hard to find doing a forum search on the matter.

About 'background'
That indeed sounds like something that could be achieved using a Theater Mode.
It would have to be created, or an existing one would need to be edited.
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Hi Hiccup,

thanks for the welcome and I am glad you are enjoying the compilation!

I do not want to embed the image into the files, because that would overwrite their respective cover.jpg
The method you describe I have used to re-create obscure releases from my vinyl collection such as this:

It was essentially a promo vinyl but it had sentimental value to me.
So I sourced all the tracks that were released on different albums and thus re-created the album.