Author Topic: RELOCATE MISSING FILES IN PLAYLIST without having to locate the ONE BY ONE?  (Read 110 times)


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Is there a way to find missing files in a playlist without having to locate them one by one? (I have changed location for the files).

Before I had all my files spread in various subfolders, but now I have changed it to have all files in one main folder.

Is there a way to point all files in the playlists to look at that particular folder to find the files without having to locate each file one by one?

The tool “Find missing files” looks up missing files in the library with some level of automatisation - but to find missing files in a play list it seems that I am forced to find them one by one!


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Hi there,

I haven't gone and had a look at how MusicBee behaves on my side for the above scenario, but:

If those missing tracks have been found and located in the main library, I don't understand how MB would still deem them "missing" in the playlists.
Unless it's a bug or those tracks in the playlist were previously dragged and dropped from outside MB and not necessary sourced from the existing ones in the library.

What MusicBee version are you using?
I'm sure you've restarted and rescanned MB since posting this - are the tracks still marked as missing?
And it goes without saying that next time, if you wanna move any files, do it within MB itself so that it knows the new location (File Organizer).