Author Topic: Copy date from MB to another version of MB (26/03/2023)  (Read 191 times)


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I have MB on my main PC.
I have set a list up of radio stations I listen to.
I have a laptop with a new installation of MB on it.
I would like to know in which file the information is
stored for the radio stations so that I can open the file and copy the
information across to my laptop?
Thank you.
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Hello Flourgrader,

Your radio stations are stored in the main library file: MusicBeeLibrary.mbl (just checked in my version).
For its proper location (installed vs. portable), refer to this post, section B.1.

May I suggest that you change "date" for "station list" in the thread title, so that it reflects the accurate content for future readers?


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for radio stations, if you click the Radio button, there is an Export and Import Stations function that might do what you are looking for


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Thank you Steve & karbock for our
advise, it was very much appreciated.


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I just used import and export on the radio button.
Could not be easier than that.
Thank you Steven..