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I had a big problem. I mistakenly selected a 3000 track and in my haste I didn't see mixed in the album tag and I edited it and so it changed me in one fell swoop about 200 albums, which I'm still restoring.
You could put an alert that reads: Warning: you are trying to edit over 100 tracks, are you sure? Yes or no.


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To add to the above, I had many songs removed from a playlist because I used Update Play Order while doing a search in a Playlist. Only the songs displayed by the search were re-ordered. All other songs were removed from the playlist.

It would be great to have an alert when you try to add or remove a lot of songs from a playlist. Having some sort of feature to backup playlists would be nice.


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Having some sort of feature to backup playlists would be nice.
From the menubar > File > Library > Backup Library. It will initially default to backup MB's settings folder, but you can add the path to your playlists, and anything else you want to back up from MB. When restoring just copy the files from the backup to the original location. This assumes you're not using the Store version of MB.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

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