Author Topic: Hiccup's Bible of Tags (all MusicBee, Picard and MP3tag tags + tag mapping)  (Read 6384 times)


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I am going to update it.
Using a formula instead of a macro for the filtering part is probably a good idea.
Also I'll add genre mapping for MP3tag, since a lot of MusicBee users seem to use that.
If anyone has other suggestions let me know.


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The sheet was updated.

- macro's were replaced with formulas (thanks Nigol for the idea!)
- the filtered results sheet now updates instantly
- tagging information on MP3tag (tagging software) was added
- higlighting of Vorbis comments that differ between MusicBee/Picard/MP3tag was added (they display in red)
- added a tab (sheet) containing a more basic and straightforward MusicBee vs. Picard vs. MP3tag tag mapping
- other fixes and improvements

I am not using MP3tag myself, so it might be useful if someone who does could check if the information on MP3tag is correct.
e.g., am I correct to assume that MP3tag does not have a distinction between its tag names, and its Vorbis comment tag representative?
In other words, MP3tag's names are always identical to how it names (reads and writes) the related Vorbis comment tag?
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Unfortunately your new file isn't compatible with older version of Excel or Google Docs. I am still using 2019 and these new formulas like FILTER you are using are just available in 2021 or 365. They seems very nice and might upgrade sometime, but for the people who aren't on the latest and greatest or don't have Excel and might want to use Google Docs, they won't be able to use it.

Opening in 2019 shows the filtered view, but the second you add a new field by writing an f, it breaks in #NAME everywhere. Google Docs just shows a #NAME on opening and the filtered view just doesn't work.

Maybe try with my formula, even if it's not straight forward (I had to open an old sheet and check how it was done, even then I had to split it in part to try to remember how it worked).
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Unfortunately your new file isn't compatible with older version of Excel or Google Docs.
Oh, that's a pity. It is indeed working very well with my Excel 2021 version.
At the moment I have no idea how to make that filtering work without the use of macro's (as with the previous version) or the FILTER function that I am now using for this new version.
I have a hunch it would need the ARRAY function or something. Maybe I'll see if I am able to figure that out.
(but I think to recall that I failed at that when first creating the sheet, hence turning to macros then)


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New version(s)
(download link in startpost)

The regular (new) version still needs Office 365 / Excel 2021 for the filtering tab to work properly.
But I added another version labeled 'compatible'. That one should work with older Excel versions and 3rd party spreadsheet software. (such as Google Sheets)
(neither version uses macro's)

And, concerning the filtering of tags marked with 'f': it's of course also possible to create a filter on column A yourself:
- select column A, select 'Filter' in the ribbon, check only 'f':

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