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I wanted to highlight the songs with lyrics and songs that are only instrumental and songs that don't have it at all, so to insert.
As per image.

In practice, in the track list, the highlighted field changes color.

f the text is present it turns green, if the piece is only instrumental, I insert this manually, it turns yellow and if it is empty it remains red.
It always remains red even if the text is present.

If I insert the text in the file it turns green but it doesn't remain after it turns red again like there was no text but there is.

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Simplest things first: have you tried refreshing the panel and rescanning the track you edited (although when you edit the file, that should trigger a scan.)


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if what you are doing is creating a rule based on the lyrics text, it wont work by default as MB avoids loading lyrics text for every file in the library into memory.
To make MB do that, there is a trick to enable it. In the text search box, click the button and choose "Search Specific Fields"
if you choose Lyrics as one of the search fields, MB should load all lyrics into memory and highlight filter should work.
There is another field "Has Lyrics?" which does some of what you want without the above steps