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This is a method to view and/or process duplicate tracks in the regular 'Tracks' view.

While MusicBee has a build-in duplicates manager with many features, sometimes you may just want to see (and edit or process) your duplicate songs in the more familiar Tracks view.

There are two different options described here.
A version for when you are using MusicBrainz' Picard tagging tool, and a regular one that doesn't require any external sources or tools.

The advantage of the Picard version is that it will be more reliable in defining actual duplicates.
The reason behind this is that it uses MusicBrainz recording IDs, which are unique codes for each and every version of a song.
How either the artist or the title is written for a track is completely irrelevant. Only the MusicBrainz ID code counts.

The regular version only checks if the Artist and the Title are identical.
So it ignores other factors such as duration, album version vs. single version, studio vs. live recording, etc.
(unless such details are mentioned in the title)


Picard version  (preferred)

1.  create this virtual tag:


$If($Count(<MusicBrainz Recording¨>)>1,$IsNull(<MusicBrainz Recording¨>,,$Count(<MusicBrainz Recording¨>)),)
This virtual tag is compatible with the tag that you will already have available if you are using this system.
(which makes it possible to have all MusicBrainz IDs contained in one single virtual tag)
If the tag you are using for 'MusicBrainz Recording Id' is named differently, just adjust the virtual tag accordingly.

2.  set a library filter (or an auto-playlist): the tag 'Duplicates' 'has a value'
3.  set the main panel to 'Tracks', and set grouping to: (your) 'MusicBrainz Recording ID' tag.

that's it

The result should look something like this:

Note that all these tracks are indeed actual duplicates. Regardless if the artist or title is written differently or the duration is somewhat off.
Isn't that great? (hmm, that's probably rhetorical)


Regular version

1. Create these two virtual tags:


2.  set a library filter (or an auto-playlist): the tag 'Duplicates' 'has a value'
3.  set the main panel to 'Tracks', and set grouping to the 'Artist-Title' tag.
      (and select the 'Title' column for sorting)

that's it


I have wrecked my brain to come up with some code for the virtual tag for the 'regular version' to also take song duration into account.
So that songs that have a duration within a difference of e.g. 3 seconds are considered to be of equal duration.
I was unable to come up with something I could integrate in the above 'Duplicates' formula.
It would make it better, so if somebody has some bright idea, that would be welcome.
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