Author Topic: Music explorer and biographies entered manually.  (Read 1096 times)


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Often entering the music explorer tells me that the artist does not exist.
It does exist but on itunes they entered the name incorrectly.
Eg Loredana Bertè they write Loredana Berte' and can't find her and so do many others, above all Italian singers or singers from other nations who are not English or USA.
I was born that the discography is often incomplete and with the wrong production year, the reissue date seems to be taken.
Among other things, he often finds photos and biographies that have nothing to do with the artist.
Among other things, being Italian, I like to read the biographies in Italian and therefore every time I have to search by hand for these in my language and insert them instead of those in English.
Having said that, couldn't we have a totally manual memorization of the artist information?

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+1 would be pretty useful
I can't really think of a simple way to overcome the language aspect, so allowing manual entry is probably the simplest of options.