Author Topic: Equaliser Presets - how does it work?  (Read 2747 times)


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When you set an equaliser preset for an album how does it work exactly? Does it turn on the equaliser with that preset automatically and only when playing those tracks? Do you need to keep the equaliser turned on continuously? And is this setting saved to the database?
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You have to have the equalizer on Auto Select By Genre, so this way all the music with "rock"  as genre in the Tags will use the "Rock" preset. etc.
I don't recommend using the Presets though, as they don't provide the best results in every circumstance.
Instead manually adjust the EQ to optimize your audio equipment instead.


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Actually answering this for anyone who also got curious and found this thread.

You need to select the EQ preset (for the specific track you want to be EQ'd automatically) and enable the equalizer first, before playing the track. If the equalizer isn't enabled, the preset won't work.

So if you use EQ presets in specific tracks, you should keep the EQ enabled at all times, even if most of your tracks don't use it.

One last thing, if you're playing an EQ'd track and open the EQ settings, you won't see the preset it's actually using, but rather the default one.


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Thank you purplebee. I've found the details in your post most helpful.