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I have spend many hours messing around with my album art to make it just right. This morning I was moving some of my songs from one playlist to another and when I did all of the art changed to a single image for another one of my songs. It's all very confusing. I noticed that if I edited albums, one by one, that each track now has two album arts. I was deleting the new art by hand, but occasionally MusicBee was freezing up. I kept closing and reopening it when that happened. Once it wasn't responding so I closed it with Task Manager. When I did some of the files I had fixed changed back. It said I should so I library scan to update those files so I did. After I did the scan every single file in my library got the same art. What in the world is going on?


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You told MB to use "Cover.jpg" (in the folder where the music files are located) as your primary art preference.  Therefore, if all or many of your files are in the same folder, and there is a Cover.jpg in that folder, that Cover.jpg will show up as the artwork for those files.

Artwork.* is your secondary preference.  Front.* is your third.  etc.  If any of those files are present in a folder with a music file, they will be used as artwork for that file.

Set artwork preferences that are appropriate to the way your artwork is actually stored.

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Thank you! I finally found the answer I was looking for  :D