Author Topic: Searching Artist picture & Biography by Surname, Firstname  (Read 428 times)


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Hi Folks - Hope someone can help or advise.
Most of my library is labelled by artist or composer as "Surname, Firstname". Its nearly all classical so to look for Wagner under Richard seems silly. But if I use Music Explorer or set up a panel to show artist bio or picture I cannot get results. For example Pianist Mark Bebbington shows no info or picture if I have it labelled "Bebbington, Mark"; but if I swap it around to "Mark Bebbington" I get all the info.

Is there a setting somewhere where I can adjust the search??

Keep up the good work!!

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In case your request doesn't get implemented and you're open to alternatives that will require a bit of effort:

What I'd do is tag my music using the syntax that MusicBee expects "Firstname, Surname" to look for artist bios and other things.
And then change the "sort as" artist tag to "Surname, Firstname".

That way, you can display your library using the 'sort as' artist tag and at the same time still get MusicBee to read your artist tag the way it expects to.
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