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A light skin created with the Chameleon DNA skinning tool
Chameleon DNA forum thread

download Chameleon Light

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Bitly blacklisted the URL, can you please repost link without Bitly?

Mr. Trev

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When using this skin I have an issue where autotag will repeat tracks (typically track 9)

I have posted pics on this thread:
The skin in the pic is actually Bleached Bone (I've posted the problem on that skin's thread), but this skin does the exact same thing.
Waiting on a reply from Steven on whether the problem is with the skins themselves or a bigger MB issue (using 3.5.8258 P BTW)

<edit> Seems there was a bug in MB that's since been fixed - see earlier thread I linked to
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It looks like the Dropbox service was not running on my computer yesterday, so if you downloaded this skin yesterday it was still the old version.
It's now updated for sure.