Author Topic: Biography Showing Instead Of Lyrics  (Read 1009 times)


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  • Hello, I am a friendly knowledgeable guy.

Since getting the latest version of MB instead of Lyrics in the left column, it now shows the artists Biography.
I have gone through all of the options available to get Lyrics to show, but mo luck on getting them to show up.
Does anyone have a fix for this problem that I have missed.
Please reply to my email please if you do.


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3. 'the left column' is vague since that will be dependent on both the view, and the panel settings you are using.
4. If you ask a question on this forum, the answer should also be posted on the forum, and it shouldn't be continued in private.

A screenshot of what you are looking at, together with some details describing the panel settings that you are using might help in you getting a useful answer.


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First click on your Now Playing tab. To the left of your search option is a button that looks like three boxes. Click on it, then click arrange panels. A menu will open with an option in the top left with a check box called left main panel. Click lyrics then click apply at the bottom. That's how it works on v. 3.3.7491 at least.