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Borock Ohmaha

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I'm looking for a way to re-organize my f'd up library using Auto-organiser. Back when I was still messing around with Musicbee for the first time, I completely destroyed my library by having auto organizer on and grouped it so it's based on the same artists, and not on the same album. It seems the change is permanent.
All the album tags are still the same. The files on the other hand are split off into different folders with their respective artists. Can I use the auto organizer feature to move songs of the same album to be in the same folder again?
Sorry if my wording is messy. I can try and clarify it better if need be. Thanks.


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Full details about organizing files can be found here:

I'd suggest you set up your template and then use it on one or two or three artist folders *manually*  (Select Files -> Right Click -> Send To -> Folder (Move) -> Send to Organized Folder) to make sure it does what you think it's going to do in all situations before using that template for auto-organize (which will move everything as you've found out).
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